Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Challenge Week 3: School Supplies

While some of you are gearing up for Christmas break, our students in Namibia are getting ready for a new school year. We want to kick off 2017 with a classroom that is set up for success. We already have a talented teacher (Kanchi); now we want to provide the class with new school supplies.

If you value education and want to see these kids blossom, consider joining us in week 3 of our giving challenge. Every gift will go a long way in supplying the basic necessities Kanchi's students need.

How can you help?
  • Visit GoFundMe to donate $5, $10, or more!
  • Organize a collection. Here are some items that provide the most value:
    • Coloring Books
    • Flash Cards/Wall Charts (Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Vocabulary)
    • Digital Materials
  • Support us through prayer. 
  • Share this post on Facebook to let your friends know how they can help.

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