Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Challenge Week 2: Garden Sprinklers

A few weeks ago, we shared with you how severe the drought has been - and the measures we're taking to prevent further damage. We expanded our cistern well in order to store more water, but now we need to improve how we deliver that water to our crops.

For about $300 per section of vegetables, we can upgrade and expand our sprinkler system so that the extreme heat does not scorch the plants. If hunger and nutrition are important to you, please consider supporting this vital ministry. Preserving the garden will ensure that the kids in our kindergarten and hungry families in our village will have a healthy food source year round. 

Remember, we aren't asking for any one person to support this entire effort - but every dollar helps. If each of our supporters chipped in $5 or $10, we'd have enough to fund the entire garden!

Visit GoFundMe to donate online. Thank you for your support!

Cistern Expansion Project, November 2016

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