Monday, February 16, 2015

The first harvest: malaka

The new year has also brought the rain season which has been such a blessing to our crops. Currently we have planted sweet corn, tomatoes (pictured here), pumpkin, potatoes, and spinach which have yet to mature.

It soon will be season for planting the next crops of beans, corn, eggplant, kale and butternut. We have volunteers from the church willing to plant but we are still praying for the funds to buy additional seeds.

We harvested our first crop of malaka, a type of summer squash. This is a huge praise! It will be cooked each day to feed to the Mukisa Kindergarten students at the end of their school day. It is boiled and served with sugar and milk.

Mukisa Kindergarten: 2015 School year kick off

The Namibian school year begins in January.  This year we have enrolled 18 students and hope to continue to enroll as the community finds out that we are no longer charging tuition.

Please read: Letter from the Teacher's heart

We started a kindergarten in our community based on educating children on early ages. As a caregiver, I am facing a lot of challenges from students and parents.

Most of the students are orphans and they can't afford to learn well because they don't have enough materials and food.

As for other parents they cannot afford to buy their kids food, uniforms and other materials because they are unemployed. But they take education as the most important aspect in their children's lives.

We are also planning on building a new classroom because the one we are using currently is not in a good condition. So we are seeking financial support to do all that. We would highly appreciate it if you will be willing to help us.
We thank you.

Ms. Mavis Neo
Mukisa Kindergarten Head Teacher

If you look to the right side of the school building you can see that the sidewall is collapsing making it very unstable and unsafe. Elton built this structure in 2007 and it has served us well.  We are able to salvage the majority of the roofing sheets but we will need to buy new supporting rafters, rope, nails and new door.  

A member of the village and father of two of our students, Benstein, has volunteered his time to cut many of the poles needed for the main structure of the walls. He wants to see a new, safer structure built. We are so blessed by his willingness to volunteer his time!