Monday, March 30, 2015

Next Crop!

Our garden has produced its next crop including a wealth of tomatoes and green squash that have been distributed to widows in the Musanga area as well as to the orphanage center at Mafuta.

We have an urgent prayer request though.  Namibia is just exiting its rainy season which usually brings flooding to the area, however this year has been particularly dry.  This is causing drought to our newly flourished garden.  Our next project is to dig a large open well to access a greater amount of underground water. We will then use it in the irrigation system that is already present.  The financial need here is to hire a backhoe to assist in this process.  There is already a small hand dug well (see below) however this is only a temporary carryover until a much larger one is created.  With drought already occurring at the end of the rainy season, this is an urgent need to assist in the vitality of the garden in the coming dry months in which no rain occurs at all.  While we can't get it to stop snowing in New York, the next anticipated rain in Namibia is end of October.

Back To School

A new school year started in January after a 1 month "summer" break since the seasons are opposite from the US.  However, during this summer break was also the peak of the rainy season which caused significant damage to the school building the Mukisa Kindergarten was meeting in.

A new school is currently being built from local volunteers for them to meet in. The only step left is to add the termite mud walls which dries into a cement-like substance.  They were able to reuse the roof from the old building on the new one.

Meanwhile the kids do continue to meet for schooling under the shade of a tree.

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Video Glimpse

Check out our new video and catch a glimpse of the work God is doing through Sinanzi Sepo Project!!