Friday, October 9, 2015

Calm before the storm

As we are a month or two away from rainy season. October is the hottest and driest weather followed by potential torrential downpours and flooding in the new year. We are so pleased the garden is in a very good place. We have been able to maintain a steady supply of water with our irrigation system despite it being very dry. The vegetables are well-established and we've had success distributing them to areas of need. 

While this may seem like kind of mundane news, this is a huge answer to prayer! Anyone who has ever lived in southern Africa can probably tell you when things are running smoothly on a daily basis, it must be a miracle! I attribute this to so many of you who have been lifting our project up in prayer! We praise the Lord for all that has been accomplished through the work of our employees,  community volunteers and our supporters!


Onions in front, kale in back

Students happy with new school building

After the school break, the students were excited to come back and see the building ready to be used. 
Gathering in the morning waiting for all their classmates to arrive!

Dinosaurs are also popular in Namibia. Using colored pencil to draw. We don't send crayons often because pencils last longer and don't melt.

Basic lessons taught in both English and Silozi, giving the students the best jumpstart to enter grade 1 in January. Thursdays lesson was "My Body." We are always willing to accept small posters, flash cards, and especially simple lesson plans. Contact us if you want to donate any of these school items. 
Now that the Sinanzi garden is in fill swing, we are able to provide a daily meal of green veggies and cornmeal porridge called pap. These students are blessing the meal before sharing a communal plate.
I don't often praise our teacher, Mavis, enough for her tireless commitment to Sinanzi Sepo Project. Not only does she prepare, teach and cook for her students,  she often spends her free time volunteering at the garden and communicating all that is going on with the project so we can always be in the loop from a distance. She is a valued employee.  
At the end of the week, we try to send each student home with a little food to share with their family and help them through the weekend.