Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We are continuing to expand and move towards our goals!  There is now enough food to be making weekly deliveries to Mafuta, a local feeding center.  This center currently feeds over 100 kids that may otherwise not be getting a full meal in a day.  The center is already being provided corn meal (pap) from Children of Zion Village but we are now able to supplement this meal with vegetables for added nutrition!!

Only In Africa

Broken Fence from Elephants
So apparently our garden fence is not elephant proof!  In the dry season the elephants will often migrate closer to the Zambezi River, which is very close to this area.  A herd of elephants marched right through our fence and across our garden to get to water BUT somehow did not damage our crops!  Out of respect they tip toed between all the vegetables. ;-) Praise God for his provision and protection!
Trek through the garden, missing our vegetables!
Big Foot!