Friday, July 7, 2017

New Staff Housing

Phase 1 (of 2) has been completed!!  Phase 1 included making all the bricks (by hand!) utilizing the waters from the flood this spring, then allowing them to bake dry in the sun.  This last month they were then used to lay the foundation and build up to the base of where windows will go.

The cement blocks laying out to dry during Phase 1

Completion of Phase 1

We are now ready for phase 2 and the fundraising efforts are estimated to be US$2,500. This includes all labor and building supplies such as windows, doors, flooring, and making more bricks. The cost could be much higher, but we have been very blessed by the donation of time by some very generous local volunteers that are passionate about this project helping those in need in their area.

Part of the garden with the new and current housing
pictured in the background
To give some background, we have a flourishing garden that provides food to those enrolled in our kindergarten as well as those in need in the community.  We have 2 staff at all times that are tending to the garden and, as part of their wages, we provide housing for them to stay in.  This also serves as security to have staff members on site at all times to protect the food from theft or vandalism.  It should be noted, that when we say "garden", we really mean small farm spanning multiple acres!

The mud-style house that we built for them when the garden began in 2010 is very basic, in need of significant repair to be livable, and is now too small to house both our staff and our ever growing vegetable harvest!  We plan to utilize the original house for storage and are working on building more permanent concrete block house.  

Current Staff Housing including storage for all tools and harvested vegetables

We are asking you to please consider supporting this project! Go to:   All donations are tax-deductible.
As always, thanks for your continued support!

One of the recipients of our garden's vegetables

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