Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Praise and Prayer

Hello all!! Just wanted to update you from our last blog post.  We requested financial assistance to help with renting a backhoe to provide a better water source for irrigating our crops.  Posted are pictures of the backhoe hard at work and the end result, which is easier access to a plentiful water supply.  You can see the pipe in the corner that pumps water via a gas-run generator up to the water holding tank which then is dispersed into watering our crops.

Now for the prayer request.  We are in urgent need of a new base structure to hold our water tank.  As you can see, the present wooden base is no longer able to hold the water supply and needs replaced immediately (before the next filling).  We are in need of financial assistance to purchase bricks and cement mix (US$350 total) that local volunteers will then use to build a sturdier brick base as opposed to the present wooden one. Will you prayerfully consider donating to assist us in this need?  You can do so with the GoFundMe link to the right.  Thank you in advance!!

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