Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mukisa Kindergarten since July 2010

Mukisa Kindergarten has been in operation since July 2010.  This is a huge answer to prayer that has continued in our absence!  We hope to expand this in the future to be able to provide a meal to the children before they return home, provide a more consistent salary for the teacher (she currently relies on the tuition paid by students which is equivalent to about US$5 per student) and to be able to send her for training.

Kindergarten is not something provided by the government and therefore not usually something a child is able to participate in. We were able to send almost a whole suitcase full of school materials!

They are currently meeting in the house Elton lived in as a bachelor and where we lived for the first few weeks after we returned from our honeymoon.  It is the school's prayer to be able to build a new structure closer to the road.  Many children hesitate to come to school because of the long walk into the village past the dogs. 

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